Park News From Sam Wright

Park News From Sam Wright

Many people may not realize the benefit that dead trees (snags) have for native wildlife. Besides providing a food source for insects that are attracted to the decaying wood, snags also provide nesting areas for birds. Many birds such as woodpeckers will excavate cavity holes within dead trees to build a nest. At Osprey Junction Trailhead (OJT) we have observed multiple nesting events of Red-bellied woodpeckers rearing their young in cavity holes of palm snags. We now have a new species of bird that has created a nest in a snag at OJT! At the beginning of June, a pair of Black-bellied whistling ducks were observed on the edges of the northern pond. Whistling ducks actually nest in natural tree cavities and we have observed the adults ducks flying out of a palm snag. Within the last 40 years, whistler ducks have increased their natural range and become more common in Florida. We are honored that this pair of ducks have chosen OJT to create a nest; hopefully, we will see some ducklings soon!

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