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The following webinars were funded by the Gulf Coast Community Foundation. Each webinar is one hour long and has been posted on our YouTube channel. For information about the webinar click on the title. To view the webinar click on “Webinar Link”

By viewing this webinar you will discover the intrigue, drama and perseverance that sparked Sarasota District civic leaders in 1921 to break from Manatee County to create Florida’s 62nd County. Learn how the Tamiami Trail and the 1920’s Florida land boom impacted the formation of Sarasota County and how visionary Sarasotans persevered to fulfill their dreams and economic ambitions as they led a county independent movement.

Presented by Dr. Frank Cassell, nationally known historian and author, Board member of the History and Preservation Coalition of Sarasota County and Chairman of the Sarasota County Centennial 2021 Steering Committee. His latest book, Creating Sarasota County, was written to provide historical support for the Sarasota County Centennial 2021 celebration.

Webinar Link: Click here.

By viewing this webinar you will learn about and discover the many benefits you and your community derive from trees. These benefits include improved physical and mental wellness, reducing carbon dioxide, lowering temperatures, mitigating heat-island effects and how trees contribute to cleaner water and cleaner air.

Presented by Marguerite Beckford, EdD, US/IFAS Sarasota County Horticulture Extension Education Agent who focuses on Urban Forestry and Environmental Landscape Management.

Webinar Link: Click here.

By viewing this webinar you will learn about and discover many Florida native plants to integrate into your garden that are essential for attracting butterflies, birds and native bees. You will discover why every plant has a purpose that can bring more life to your yard.

Presented by Tom Heitzman, owner of Sweet Bay Nursery

Webinar Link: Click here.

By viewing this webinar your will learn how to enhance your crash avoidance and bicycling skills, whether you are just getting back on your bicycle after a lengthy hiatus or if you are a seasoned bicyclist. Topics include proper helmet fit, cycling gear and equipment, how to recognize and avoid various trail and road hazards, proper lane positioning, e-bike safety, principles of bicycling traffic laws and much more.

Presented by Ralph Monti and Bud Gaunce, certified bicycle safety instructors.

Webinar Link: Click here.

By viewing this webinar you will see an art exhibition that highlights work created by local plein air painters that was inspired by the landscape at Osprey Junction Trailhead Park. Plein air is the practice of rendering a nature at a moment and capturing the luminous effects of light and atmosphere. A critique of each piece will address the many styles and techniques that are essential to this distinct method of painting.

Presented by Augusto Argandona, SRQ Plein Air Painters and well-know fine artist.

Webinar Link: Click here.


By viewing this webinar you will learn that identifying birds can be less-overwhelming with appropriate knowledge of their habitats. Where do you start to look for that “little brown job” that just flew by, on your phone/bird book? Learning about bird habitat preferences can help you find different species places and help identify birds in the habitat you are now enjoying.

Presented by Jeanne Dubi, President of Sarasota Audubon Society and long-time birder.

Webinar Link: Click here 


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