Music in the Park Program


The primary purpose of the Music in the Park Program is to provide additional opportunities for the public to visit and enjoy Osprey Junction Trailhead Park by offering music events and activities in the Visitor Center and on the park grounds


Music events include many types of artistic expression which will foster public appreciation for a variety of music and the music arts. Established and aspiring musicians have an opportunity to broaden their experience with public events and increase public awareness of them. 


Music activities include education classes, lectures, workshops and demonstrations provided by music groups and individual musicians in the Visitor Center. The public will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with musicians and learn new skills plus gain a better understanding of the music arts. Some activities will provide a revenue generating opportunity for musicians and music groups from fees, donations and honorariums.


Ongoing efforts are focused on developing partnerships with music clubs, music groups, individual musicians and schools with music programs in order to broaden participation and help assure a variety of music talent is represented.

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