Bird Garden

Our Bird Garden demonstrates how even a small landscape area with bird-friendly plants can have a beneficial impact on the local bird population. 

This garden is designed with native and Florida-friendly plants selected to provide nutrient-rich berries, seeds, and insects that birds need to feed their young and thrive. 

Birds like water or the sound of moving water. 

Bird gardens also provide a safe haven for birds that face climate change, urbanization, and loss of biodiversity. 

Give our feathered friends a fighting chance in this changing world. Create a bird garden at your home.

Common name Scientific name Description
Beautyberry, magenta Callicarpa americana Small sprawling shrub 4-8 feet tall 3-6 feet wide; May be pruned before flowers; FL native; Pale flowers spring to summer; Clusters of magenta fruits
Beautyberry, white Callicarpa dichotoma f. albifructa Small sprawling shrub 4-8 feet tall 3-6 feet wide; May be pruned before flowers; FL native; Pale flowers spring to summer; Clusters of white fruits
Bird Pepper Capsicum annuum pequin Evergreen shrub, short-lived perennial 3 feet tall Only true FL native pepper; Full to partial sun; tiny white flowers; hot red fruit
Beach Verbena Glandularia maritima Long-lived perennial; 1ft tall 1.5 ft wide, showy purple flowers, evergreen; FL native; Nectar source for butterflies and moths
Coontie Zamia integrifolia Cycad, 1-3 feet tall, only cycad native to North America FL native; Sun or shade; Stiff, glossy leaves.
Darrow’s Blueberry Vaccinium darrowii Shrub long-lived perennial; 2 ft tall spreading; acid soil, attracts pollinators and birds; FL native; showy early spring white/pink flowers, late spring blue/purple/black fruit;
Dotted Horsemint Monarda punctata Short-lived perennial 1-3 ft tall; full sun; showy flowers in summer; FL native; Trim to keep bushy; Attracts hummingbirds, bees, butterflies and moths
Firebush Hamelia patens Semi woody shrub, 5-15 feet tall, may be pruned to 5-8 feet tall FL native; Full or partial sun; Late spring until winter flowers
Frogfruit Phyla nodiflora Evergreen ground cover to .5 ft tall, blooms all year, nectar plant for many butterflies; FL native; host for common buckeye, phaon crescent and white peacock butterflies
Jamaica Caper-tree Quadrella jamaicensis Evergreen shrub 6-12 ft tall 6-10 ft wide; showy spring-summer flowers, FL native; fruits attracts birds, larval host Florida white butterflies
Joe-pye Weed Eupatorium fistulosum Perennial; Up to10 ft tall; moist well-drained soil, blooms spring to mid summer; FL native; attracts butterflies and other pollinators
Locustberry Brysonima lucida Shrub long-lived perennial 5-15 ft tall, showy flowers, orange fruit for birds; FL native; white/pink/red late winter-early summer blooms, nectar plant, host for Florida duskywing
Myrsine Myrsine cubana Evergreen shrub, vertical shrub 15-20 feet tall may be pruned; FL native; Full to partial shade; smooth green leaves; inconspicuous flowers
Marlberry Ardisia escallonioides Evergreen tall shrub to small tree 12-15 feet tall 6-12 feet wide; FL native; Part shade; Small white fragrant flowers; Small dark fruit; Dark green leaves
Necklace Pod Sophora tomentosa truncata Medium size shrub 6-10 feet tall 4-8 feet wide May be pruned; FL native; Full sun; Yellow blossoms throughout the year; long pod-like fruits
Pineland Heliotrope Euploca polyphylla Short-lived perennial up to 1 ft; showy white, yellow flowers attract pollinators; FL native; Full or partial sun
Southern Arrowwood Viburnum dentatum Long-lived perennial shrub 6-8 ft tall, showy white flower clusters spring/summer FL native; birds eat fruit, host for spring azure butterfly
Sparkleberry Vaccinium arboretum Large shrub long-lived perennial 12-18 ft tall 4-15 ft wide; Showy fall color, deciduous FL native; blooms spring, fruits ripen late summer, host for striped hairstreak Does well under pine canopy, acid soil, attracts pollinators valuable to native bees
Smallflower Paw Paw Asimina parviflora Tree long-lived perennial 15 ft tall 10 ft wide, deciduous, part shade; moist area; FL native; showy flowers early spring, green fruit; larval host for Zebra Swallowtail
Starry Rosinweed Silphium asteriscus Wildflower 2-5 feet tall; May die back in winter; attracts pollinators; birds eat seeds FL native; Full sun to part shade; large yellow flowers; Self seeding
Spiceberry Red Stopper Eugenia rhombea Shrub or small evergreen tree 8-12 ft tall 6-10 ft wide; showy spring flowers FL native; fall fruit attracts birds and wildlife
Simpson Stopper Myrcianthes fragrans Evergreen woody shrub up to 20 feet tall;Full or partial sun; FL native; Spring flowers, birds eat the fruit
Tropical Sage Salvia coccinea Perennial 2-4 feet tall 1-2 feet wide FL native; Full sun to part shade, Red flowers self seed
Wild Coffee Psychotria nervosa Evergreen shrub or small tree 4-10 feet tall 4-8 feet wide, Full to partial shade; FL native; spring to summer small white flowers, fall red fruits
Weeping Yaupon Holly Ilex vomitoria pendula Cascading, compact tree 15-20 feet tall 10-20 feet wide FL native; Full or partial sun; Winter berries
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