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Like an art show of works by Mother Nature herself…

Friends of Osprey Junction Trailhead will use, showcase and educate the public about Florida-Friendly Landscaping Principles. Like an art show of works by Mother Nature herself, Gardening Programs at Osprey Junction Trailhead will provide a living gallery of flowers, plants and trees. A unique combination of demonstration gardens and classroom events, our Gardening Programs will include a variety of areas where visitors can learn about flowers, trees and plants or just relax and enjoy nature.

Native Plant/Container Garden

Guests approaching the Visitor Center building will be greeted by two landscaped areas; one containing native plants found in our area and one comprised of succulents in containers. The plants in both areas will demonstrate the many shapes, sizes, textures and colors available to local gardeners. These areas will change with the seasons so visitors can see and learn about gardening for year-round beauty.

Rain Garden

Rain gardens form when water runoff from solid surfaces collects in a swale – a natural or designed depression in the ground. Some of the water is absorbed by plants while the rest is filtered through the soil and deep roots. Our rain garden will be designed to show visitors how these natural drainage systems can conserve water and provide rich habitat for plants and wildlife. Visitors will also learn how to develop and maintain their own rain garden and how it can help the environment.

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly gardens are areas containing plants that attract and provide shelter for butterflies. Designed to be a habitat and a teaching area, our butterfly garden will feature plants chosen to provide homes and food butterflies need to survive. This unique garden display will give visitors the chance to see caterpillars and butterflies in their natural habitat and learn about ways to bring these beautiful creatures to their homes and gardens.

Bird Garden

Bird-friendly landscaping with native plants provides a safe haven for birds in the face of climate change, urbanization and loss of biodiversity. Our bird garden will show area gardeners how to attract and protect their favorite feathered friends. Designed with native plants selected to provide nutrient-rich berries, fruits, seeds and insects that birds need to feed their young and thrive, our bird garden will demonstrate how even a small area containing bird-friendly plants can have a beneficial impact on the local bird population.

Tree Garden

The preservation and planting of trees is critical to our area where land development continues to reduce our tree canopy. Trees offset global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, act as pollution filters, lower temperatures, reduce energy costs, absorb rainwater which reduces damaging water runoff to waterways and provide opportunities for wildlife. Our tree garden will be an “arboretum”, a living collection of native trees that will build public knowledge about the importance of trees and wooded landscapes to enhance life, preserve nature and promote sound stewardship practices. A variety of trees will be planted along a nature trail with signage that includes information about each tree for a self-guided tour to help people learn about the native trees that are indigenous to this area.

Wildflower Garden

Our wildflower garden will be a showplace for the native flowers you might never notice alongside a road, in a field or at the edge of a park. Designed to give visitors a view of “old Florida”, this unique educational garden will demonstrate the beauty and benefits wildflowers can provide and will teach local gardeners how these native flowering plants can be used to create perennial, attractive and virtually maintenance-free gardens that flourish without pesticides and fertilizers. A great place to learn and a peaceful place to relax, our wildflower garden will be a beautiful place to discover how Mother Nature landscaped our area once upon a time.

Please contact us if you have questions about our gardens or would like to support our Gardening Programs

All gardens installed and maintained by volunteers

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