Biking Tips from Ralph Monti

Biking Tips from Ralph Monti

Bicycling and Sharing The Legacy Trail
Bicycle and pedestrian trail networks continue to grow in Florida. Indeed, they’re a wonderful respite for pedestrians and bicyclists looking for a safe, recreational environment. Sarasota is blessed to have The Legacy Trail, whose popularity increases every year. Trails, while safer than streets, are not without their risks or hazards. That’s why you should take care to ride safely. Here are some basics to make your ride safe for everyone:

  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Be courteous and always yield to pedestrians.
  • Know the rules of the trail. The Legacy Trail’s speed limit is 15 mph. Stay within that speed limit including descents on overpasses.
  • Slow down and give a clear signal when passing a pedestrian or another bicyclist—either by using a bell or your voice. The standard passing alert is “passing on your left.”
  • Anticipate any crash conflicts with other trail users, and beware of illogical actions of 4-legged critters like dogs on expandable leashes, squirrels, rabbits, etc.
  • The most dangerous part of a trail is usually where another trail or road crosses, so be cautious, slow down and yield to any traffic.
  • Always be predictable by riding in a straight line, and warn others when you are turning, slowing, stopping, or passing.
  • While riding in low light (dusk, dawn, or dark) be sure to use a white front light and a red rear light. Choose bright-colored clothing to be visible.
  • When riding with others stay on your side of the trail.
  • Do not obstruct the trail. Move off the trail when stopped.
  • Avoid cell phones when bicycling. Leave the phone calls and texts for later.

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