FOJT Revises 2020 Goals

Sarasota County Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources continues to have all volunteer operations suspended at Osprey Junction Trailhead Park. Therefore, we revised our 2020 goals so the majority of them can be worked on by volunteers at home. Fourteen volunteers are currently working on the following goals

  • Develop a Plan for Gardening Activities & Learning Center 
  • Develop a Revised Plan for Butterfly Garden 
  • Develop a Revised Plan for Front Entry Landscape
  • Develop Plan for Wildflower Garden 
  • Develop Plan for Sidewalk Circle Landscape
  • Implement Engraved Brick Fundraising Program 
  • Implement 2020 – 2021 Season Pedicab Ride Program
  • Install Mosaic Tile Artwork on West Side of Barn 
  •  Install Brick Patio at Visitor Center
  • Install Fireplace Metal Artwork in Visitor Center 
  • Investigate Bike Rental Service
  • Implement Online Bicycle Safety Workshop

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