Bicycling Programs

Conducted at Osprey Junction Trailhead Park

Sponsored by Friends of Osprey Junction Trailhead

All Bicycling Programs are currently suspended because of the coronavirus.


Smart Cycling Class

Teaches bicyclists the underlying principles of safe bicycling. Topics include proper bike and helmet fit, how to ride in all weather conditions, Florida traffic laws and how they pertain to bicyclists, proper lane positioning, safe lane changing, bicycle handling skills that include scanning for traffic, signaling, road obstacle avoidance techniques, emergency stopping and emergency avoidance crash maneuvers.


Safe Routes to School Helmet Fitting Event

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a statewide program, funded by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), whose goal is to encourage more children to walk and bicycle to school. Florida SRTS funds projects that promote walking and bicycling through education/encouragement programs aimed at children, parents and the community. Education programs include safe bicycle events for children and include fitting and giving away free bicycling helmets.


Bicycle Maintenance Clinic

Geared to bicyclists who get stressed when they experience a flat or to those who think of themselves as “mechanically challenged”, this fun, informative and hands-on clinic teaches bicyclists how to fix a flat when on a ride; tips on keeping their ride clean and shiny; what to do if a spoke breaks during a ride; a bicycle safety check before every ride; what tools you should carry in your saddle bag; how to do simple and routine adjustments on your bike; what to do if your chain should break; plus, lots more repair, maintenance and tool tips. The clinic de-mystifies the basics of bicycle maintenance.


Bicycle Friendly Driver Workshop

This is the League of American Bicyclists’ newest addition to their Smart Cycling program portfolio. Created by the City of Fort Collins, the Bicycle Friendly Driver workshop educates motorized vehicle drivers about how and why bicyclists travel the roadways in the ways they do, with the objective of developing a shared understanding for all road users. A review of Florida traffic laws as they relate to the shared use of Florida roads for bicyclists and motorists is the core of the workshop.


Pedicab Rides on The Legacy Trail

Volunteers give mobility-challenged passengers a ride on The Legacy Trail in a canopied pedicab. Encompassing 45-minutes, passengers can sit back and enjoy The Legacy Trail scenery while volunteers provide historical commentary of The Legacy Trail. Rides will be held during select months of the yearThe pedicab will alsobe used as a Bike Safely Concierge Vehicle.


Bike Swap

A once-a-year event that offers bicyclists of all stripes ages, etc., the opportunity to barter, sell or buy used bicycles, bike accessories, parts, equipment or clothing. Bicycle-related donations will also be collected to benefit a local non-profit that promotes bicycling to people in need.

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