Rain Garden

We are almost done with the rain garden. This is a 2300 sq. ft garden project containing 105 plants located in a swale in front of the Visitor Center. The garden is designed to show visitors to the park how water can be conserved and also provide a rich habitat for wildlife. Elena Foster, a …

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Bird Garden

We finished installing the plants and bird bath in the bird garden. It is in an area near the backyard of the Visitor Center. This garden will show visitors to the park how a small area of native Florida plants can have a beneficial impact on the local bird population and be a beautiful enhancement …

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Master Gardener Volunteer Program

FOJT Welcomes Master Gardeners

Forty years ago, Florida Extension agents, looking for an efficient way to deliver horticulture education and resources to state residents, launched the Master Gardener Volunteer Program in Florida. Since then, thousands of Florida residents have completed the horticulture training to join the ranks of Master Gardener Volunteers. The Sarasota County Extension Service invites you to …

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